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to an enthralling safari into the heart of tiger country, a realm where majestic tiger, an epitome of power and grace roams ancient forests rooted with deep cultural heritage and historic legacies of ten to twenty centuries. This book is dedicated to sparking wonder and reverence for these awe-inspiring creatures while addressing the urgent issues surrounding saving the endangered tiger.

You will be introduced to the remarkable success story of tiger conservation over the past five decades, shedding light on the tireless efforts to rescue the endangered Indian Tiger from the brink of extinction. Yet, it serves as a poignant reminder against complacency underlining the pressing need for continuous conservation endeavours to safeguard these magnificent of all animals and Indian national heritage.

Through a blend of striking imagery and captivating narratives, the book strives to forge a connection between readers and the natural world, instilling a profound commitment to conservation and responsible stewardship of our planet's invaluable treasures. It emphasizes the critical role our actions play in determining the fate of these creatures, painting a future where tigers continue to grace the jungles and captivate our collective imagination.